Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Verstile Blogger Award-My first blog Award

I can't believe it! My blog is barely a month old and I have received my first blog award-The Versatile Blogger Ward, I have over 32 followers and over 1100 visits! WOWOW! I thought it would be months before I even had 10 followers or 500 hits! Thank you to all of you for joining me on my artistic journey!

And a very special thank you to Tonia at Pigtails and Papertrails for giving me this award. I am so honored! Here are the rules for this award:1. Thank the person who sent it to you!

2. Tell us 7 things about yourself

3. Reward this to 15 bloggers

Seven things about Me:

1. I will be turning 50 next month! How did that happen! LOL

2. In the fall I will have 2 kids in college-both freshmen.

3. My secret dream is to one day own a cabin on the lake.

4. I have won the highest award in teaching-The Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching. (It included a trip to the White House-what an experience!)

5. My special needs students performed with John Denver at the first Nobel Green Prizes as part of Kids Saving the Earth receiving a Noble Green Prize. (They won an international competition with a music video they did to win the honor.The judges declared their entry the most artistic!)

6. I started scrapbooking after a heart attack caused by the Behcets. I wanted my kids to know my story in case I died. It has become the greatest therapy in the world. Before my heart attack I had NO artistic ability. I HATED ART classes. Now I love art:)

7. My greatest joys in my life are my two kids.I thank them for being my sons every day. I also thank God for the blessings they are. I am indeed one blessed Mom.

And now to bestow this wonderful honor on 15 of my favorite blogs (And this is hard I follow almost 200 blogs!)

1.Maria at Creativity is Therapy. Make sure you tell her Congratulations on her new daughter:)

2. Linda at Papertracer Congratulations on your new house!

3. Ioanna Maria at Pieces of Me Love the house she made out of scrapbook paper:)

4. Treza at Creating Treasures Check out the memorial album she is making for a mom that miscarried. I have had 13 miscarriages and such a gift would have been so comforting! Wonderful idea!

5. Sandy at Paper Transformer I just recently discovered Sandy's blog and I so look forward to seeing her new creations!

6. Vanessa at Wings of a Butterfly. I lover her writing style!

7. Latrice at Any Occassion. Check out her Wednesday Recipes whiles checking out her beautiful cards.

8. Kim at Paper Punch Addiction. So as a Paper Addict, I so admire someone who is a paper punch addict! LOL

9. Lorie at The Thinkin' Spot. Check out the Peachy Keen Blog Hop while you are there!

10. Jane atStamping with Janice Check out her Bee Card with Peachy Keens new stamp release:)

11. Joanna at Scrap-Making Great videos and cards:)

12.  Emma at Creative Time for Me. Love her video tutorials:)

13. Lisa at Our 2 Angels in Heaven She has a Pig Layout that is too cute for words!

14.  Lori at Lone Pine Designs. Love her cards!

15. Lillian at It Came From My Mother's Meatloaf I love her writing style. I am always learning something new. Check out her April Fool's Day history lesson:)

I follow over 200 blogs! This was a really tough choice. Wish I could have given it to me more. But again thank you Tonia. You made my day!


PS: Stay tuned more blog candy is coming to celebrate all of these milestones:)


  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    Congratulations on your first award - I am sure there will be more to follow! And thanks for awarding this to me! Still giggling about you loving my writing style! I am not a native speaker, I just learned English at school. Always struggling to find the right words for my posts :)
    I enjoyed getting to know you! Vanessa x

  2. thank you so much for recognizing my blog!

  3. Thank you so much for passing this award onto my blog! And WOW on all of your achievements! Congrats!

  4. You are very welcome:) I love your blog!


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