Monday, May 23, 2011

A Long Over Due Thank You

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I am ashamed to say my thank yous are long over due. Between being in the hospital, recuperating and a major camera issue, I have gotten behind. My cat knocked a glass of water over onto my camera. Thankfully I had bought a Black Tie Protection plan from Best Buy when I purchased it. But it took two weeks for them to decided to junk it. (I could have told them it wasn't worth repairing! LOL) But Best Buy issued a gift card for replacing it. O.K., so it should have been no problem, right? Wrong!!!!  I get online and spend a couple of hours analyzing the pros and cons of what is out there in my price bracket. I then make a purchase. I go to pick it up the next day only to find out that after taking the additional funds out of my Pay Pal account Best Buy lost the order. And the local general manager told me there was nothing he could do, I was just out the money!!!!

So I called the national customer service. It took 3 days but they finally determined that it was a "ghost order," meaning they lost it. They did get me the camera and gave me the new extended warranty for free as an apology. BUT it has been 3 weeks and my Pay Pal account still has not been adjusted!!!!! So if there is still no money there tomorrow I am going to file a dispute. UGH!

However, I love my new camera:) And here are the first of my thank yous. I will do another posting later this week with more.

My first one is from my wonderful friend Ioanna Maria who not only sent me a Get Well card with a wonderful box that prevented it from getting crushed but also sent candy from Greece! My boys and I were in heaven:)

I won a HUGE box of Blog Candy from Sandy O. at Paper Transformers. And I do mean huge! It was like Christmas had arrived.  Check it out:)

Boy do I have ideas a brewing for all of this wonderful stuff. What I love the most is that as a mother of boys it is not stuff I would normally by for myself. But now I have some girl stuff to play with without feeling guilty! LOL Thanks so much Sandy!

I won more Blog Candy but the weather is storming and the electricity is coming and going so I am going to post this for now. I will do another thank you later in the week:)

To all of the storm victims my prayers are with you and your families.

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  1. Thank god i used the box..else from what i see the card would have got ruined :P I'm glad the card arrived safely :) Congratulations for the blog candy you won! They all look wonderful! Looking forward on seeing your creations using them!


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