Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Poinsettia Christmas Card

 Did you think I disappeared?  Life got complicated in the last couple of weeks. I had a major reaction to Remicaid which is an infusion low chemo drug that is being used to destroy my immune system in the hopes of getting the Behcets under control.  Unfortunately we have run of out of options and the Behcets is damaging my major organs especially my heart. Well normally they use Benedryl before starting the infusion and this time they decided to use Claritin. And the Claritin resulted in my getting hives, causing my oral language skills to sound like I had a stroke,  causing my throat to swell shut,  and causing major lower back pain. And then I was sent to the ER where I was supposed to get a massive steroid infusion to counteract it and I was left in the ER room with no call button for 31/2 hours unattended. Then the doctor refused to follow my doctor's orders and instead filled me with pain killers that caused more problems. I ended up never getting the steroids I needed.  Sadly poor medical care is a problem that many of us face in the ER when we have a rare disease. Scary to stay the least. I avoid the ER if at all possible, but unfortunately when you are having a major reaction and having difficulty communicating because of the reaction, you are at the mercy of whomever is on call.

So I am doing much better and had another treatment this week. It still caused major  lower back pain, but the other steps the doctor took to stop the reaction helped thankfully.

Then on top of everything else I lost my camera. One of the things I struggle with on a regular basis is what the Behcets has done to my memory.I am forever playing hide and seek with my stuff!

So here's on the cards I did in the last week:

I love the clean and simple look of this card. I used my Scor-pal to put in the embossed lines around the American Crafts Hollydays paper. The flower is Prima and the brad is Whiff of Joy. The card it itself is a 5 x 5 card that I also lined with red paper on the inside to give it an elegant look.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. this is such a pretty card! You did a really wonderful job on it. the red lining is just perfection!

    I hope your health settles down VERY soon!!

  2. This is beautiful Elizabeth! I love the simple elegance! I am so sorry you are having such medical issues - Behcets is bad enough but to have all the other crap going on to - just adds insult to injury. I am praying for you.

  3. It is so sad that you have to suffer so much! I hope you feel better soon.
    Your card is so lovely and elegant! I love pionsetta flower!

  4. Such an elegant card! Love how the colour peeks through!

  5. This is a stunning clean and simple card!!!
    Definitely caught my eye while I was scrolling through my dashboard!!!
    Hope you are feeling better soon Elizabeth!


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