Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lasting Memories Challenge #84- April Showers Bring May Flowers

Happy Easter!! He has RISEN!!!!!

It's been a tough weekend, despite it being a holiday. Scott lost his job Saturday because he refused to work overtime due to a need to study for a math exam. Our state is a fire at will state, so there is no recourse. And honestly it was a maturing moment for Scott that he recognized the need to study due to his math disability.  But the loss of income and the fact he owes many thousands in medical bills is scary to say the least. And now he has no health insurance.

Many people have asked how I deal with the constant drama in my life. I can honestly say it is my deep abiding faith in God and Christ. They are what have gotten me through the domestic violence, Bechets, Lupus, Diabetes, the heart attack, the divorce and the abusive financial games, and raising an adult child with a disability. I thank God for his never ending strength. This is one of my favorite songs when life gets tough. The song is by Rhema and she lost her Mom to cancer in her toddler years. She is only 8 years old!

Ok time to go to the Lasting Memories challenge!
The theme this week is a bit late, at least in my neck of the woods! We had our May flowers bloom in March, go figure. And now we have had freeze warnings three days in a row.:(

 But we are still going to hope the winter weather is gone at Lasting Memories! So this week in the tradition of April Showers Bring May Flowers we want you to show off those rainy day photo’s or those gorgeous blooms this week!

I actually did this layout a few years ago. But I so love the technique of photo kaleidoscope I thought it would be fun to dust it off for this challenge. (And to be honest helping Scott deal with the latest drama, took up my time that was supposed to be for the challenge.) 

 Since it was done with all photos on a piece of cardstock there are no special supplies:)  Click here for directions on this technique.

There is an OPTIONAL SKETCH for this week: Thank you

And this week the prize is a $10 gift certificate sponsored by 


Have a wonderful week filled with moments of enjoying the blooming flowers.



  1. Love the kaleidoscope looks... very cool!

  2. I am so sorry you are having such a tough time Elizabeth. Take care hugs Elaine .
    Your page is fabulous so colourful I love it

  3. Awesome effect. Hope things get better for you

  4. So sorry things were so rough this week. Big hugs and prayers for that. Love the layout. The Kaleidoscope is stunning. What a wonderful idea.

  5. That kaleidoscope look is so eye catching!

  6. sorry to hear you are having a tough time right this effect

  7. Love your kaleidoscope! Lovely, gorgeous ect...

  8. Great technique! Love the color of those flowers. Great job.

  9. The kaleidoscope effect is so gorgeous, Elizabeth!! What a beautiful layout!! Your deep, abiding faith in God is so inspiring!! Hugs and prayers my friend :)

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