Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lasting Memories#86- Time for a Treasure Hunt

It's treasure hunting time at Lasting Memories  this week! Scrap about something you treasure and Tell us about it. This could be about your family, a vacation, a piece of jewelry, a pet, etc.

One of the things I treasure is the fact that my boys have a good value system, despite the fact we live in a very affluent community. After the divorce we lost our income and had to learn how to live on a disability check as a single parent household. I was so afraid the boys would become resentful of seeing  their friends being given everything to them on a silver platter, when there were times I had to use the local food pantry in order to keep them fed.It was especially hard because it was the same food pantry that I had taken donations to monthly before the divorce, so everyone knew us.

Well my fears were from naught. Scott doesn't seem to really care one way or the other (in general he is oblivous to the value of money due to the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), and James has been extremely insightful to what a blessing losing our income has been in disguise. He has watched fellow classmates destroy $30,000 cars because the kids felt they were a "pile of junk" and wanted a more expensive one. He has also watched them get into one problem after another, expecting parents to bail them out.

James does have friends that are from the upper class. But the friends he has chosen have parents that taught their children the value of money and respect. He has been very blessed.

James started working and saving for his Jeep at the age of 15. He was able to get a job as a lifeguard. So he went to school, maintained a 3.8 average while taking several advance placement classes. He searched for the jeep and haggled for it. He was so disappointed when he found out the title had to go in my name because he was a minor, LOL. But now he has come to realize the insurance is much cheaper because it is in my name! LOL

So my layout today is a "treasure" from both James and my perspective. He treasures his first car (and still has it) and I "treasure" the independent and financially astute young adult he has become!

 Cardstock: K & Company, Karen Foster Kiwi Flannel, scraps, Hero Arts Snow Layering Paper
Die: Cottagecutz Convertible: This die is not for the faint of heart. Layer with wax paper and then the paper. It is still a bear to get the tiny car details out. I used Cheery Lynn Die tools and it was still a major challenge.
Spellbinders Label 9
Embellishments: The zig zag border I got from Wal-mart years ago, Hero Arts Foliage Accents
Inks: Colorbox Olive and Black
Adhesives: Zig 2 Way Glue ( a must for the tiny car details), Scotch ATG, EK Success Foam Tape, Xyron
Stickers: Stash
Glitter: Mixture of Doodlebug Limeade and Bumblebee glitter

The prize this week is sponsored by Julie. 
Doesn't it look scrumptious? Please stop by her blog to say hello!

  Looking forward to seeing your treasures at Lasting Memories!

Have a week filled with life's treasures!


  1. Wow, Elizabeth...we never know what life is going to bring us and you are remarkable. What a great kid.

  2. I am so happy you posted details cuz I was dying to know where that car came from!!! Not only do I love the layout, I really love the story behind it.....that is the coolest part of scrapping for me, you get to actually tell the story!!!

  3. Teaching your children values and respect is very important and it is good that you can see the strength you have gain in difficult times.

  4. Your LO is wonderful!I love your story and I think the boys have a very good value system.

  5. Thank you for sharing your story and such a healthy perspective your kids have! Sometimes it's amazing how well they turn out in spite of the direction life takes us. My daughter has turned out to be very responsible with her money (thanks to Dave Ramsey) and actually teaches her father and I things now. Even as a teenager (before Ramsey) she wasn't at all interested in wearing designer clothing like her peers at private school (thanks to Dad being a teacher which allowed her to attend free) and didn't mind driving a used car. It sounds like you've done a great job raising your kids!

  6. Awesome layout and thanks for the reminder that all kids really need are values

  7. Elizabeth this is so cute. I love the blues and greens. Ones first car is a great memory.

  8. What a great story Elizabeth! Perfect idea for this challenge! Love your road sign embellishments.

  9. Hi Elizabeth! What a wonderful story and I love your layout this week. You have 2 very special boys there. What a great way to "treasure" James' first car and how proud you are of him

  10. What responsible young man!! I love the little jeep cut :)

  11. I wish more people today would teach their children values!!

    Cute layout :)


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