Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lasting Memories-It's in the Movies

Ready, Set, Action! It's in the Movies at Lasting Memories this week! Use something from your favorite Movie. To be honest Toy Story has been the gold standard in our house. James and "Andy"grew up together. James STILL has the entire Toy Story toy collection. (Despite being a Sophomore at Purdue.)We won't talk about how many hours I stood in line, only to have the person in front of me get the last one. But James adored them all, even Jesse:)

And yes when Andy went off to college, so did James. And yes I cried and cried as Andy left his toys behind. James has his packed up in a box in storage to give to his kids one day. And yes they all still talk!!!!

To be honest this pages today are not new. Friday night we had severe weather. And while they are not saying it was a tornado, it's the closet I care to come. I could actually hear the rafters trying to tear away from the house. Thankfully all I lost was a tree, a large stainles steel grill and some shingles. But we've also been without electricity and internet on and off.

So because I was busy with clean hit me that it might be fun to share a couple of pages from when I started scrapbooking in 2002. We had gone to Disney World after my heart attack. We wanted to make sure we had a chance to go in case something happened to me. I got those albums done immediately afterwards-wish I could say I had kept up since, lol.

So there is no supply list-they have been discontinued long ago.  I do remember though I made the paper piecings and drew the letters for the Fort Wilderness.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. I did Disney to this week!! Great pages and thanks for sharing them. So cute about James - all grown up and keeping his collection. Sounds just like Toy Story, doesn't it. Love your LO this week!

    Glad everyone's ok!

  2. fab lo's... Lo those papers... too bad they don't have them anymore. My baby girl also grew up with Toy story and she went to see the last one with me... I cried.. she laughed at me :( lol... any how i love that toy story went in time with the kids... do you think they did that on purpose??
    thanks for sharing and bringing back some memories :0)
    ps - glad you are safe

  3. Always fun to look back at our earlier work. The paper piecing on these are great

  4. I need my eyes checked...I thought it said fart instead of fort.....opps :) This is so cute!!!Jesse loves Toy Story and we have seen all of them...over and over and over!!! It still makes me cry too.....

  5. awww so cute!
    I really like these pages, the Woody and Jessie are adorable!
    And I have to agree that Toy Story is fantastic!
    It still is a massive life saver in our house... lol

    Toni.. :)

  6. Lots of Disney this week! Mee toooo!! CUTE CUTE layout Elizabeth!!

  7. So cute Elizabeth. One of our all time favorite movies from Disney.

  8. How inspirational! Love that Toy Story!


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