Friday, October 12, 2012

Digitally Sweet Challenge #6-Thanksgiving Photo Inspiration

Welcome back to Digitally Sweet Challenge # 6. I so enjoyed seeing all of your wonderful card creations last week! And I know how tough it is to do a complete 100% digital card, so I am REALLY impressed:)

This week is photo inspiration week.

Unfortunate I have no photos of any Thanksgiving of my entire life.  When I realized it-I made myself a promise that I would remedy that this year.  But  in the meantime I decided to do a scrapbook page on my early childhood memories of Thanksgiving and journal it.

Software: My Memories
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Journal:             My Memories of Thanksgiving as a Child

Unfortunately I have no photos of a Thanksgiving as a child. Which is sad, because it was a major event. We would leave Bay City, MI on Wednesday night after Dad got off work The trip to my Great Grandmother’s Hutchinson home in Muskegon, MI from Bay City took 2.5-3 hours depending on traffic, but when we got there- what an event! There had to be at least 35 of us stuffed into a 2,000 square foot house with a finished basement. Basically the upstairs was the adult domain and the kids were to stay in the basement-although we were allowed to go play in the alley behind her house and ride her 3 wheel bicycle-which was exciting considering none of us had ever seen a three wheel bike. And the basket on the back was awesome in our eyes- perfect for carrying one of the toddler cousins.

If you did get the chance to go upstairs you had to be very quiet for a couple of reasons. First the men were watching football on a black and white TV that had rabbit ears. We had 3 channels back then ABC, NBC and CBS- and the reception was always iffy-especially if there was bad weather. And it was in Black and White,  The other reason is that my GREAT GREAT Grandmother Hutchinson was in her bedroom where she stayed due to her aging years and health. I don’t remember ever seeing her.

I remember when I was in first grade I had made a tepee decoration and an Indian head dress. Great Grandma made such a big deal out of it and put it on the decoration. And the table was huge-I remember the men putting tables clear across the basement and we were very close together!

I can still smell the turkey roasting and see the big table covered in pies-peach, apple, pumpkin, chocolate pie, and mince meat pie made from the deer my Dad and Uncle Don hunted. And my Mom's Chocolate Pie was by far my favorite!

I am so looking forward to seeing your interpretations of the photo!  Have a wonderful week!



  1. Love your journal. Makes me think of so many great Thanksgivings. I remember the first time my DH and I hosted Thanksgiving. Standing in the kitchen cutting up the turkey and finding the giblets inside..oops. I knew they were there and had looked for them when preparing the turkey but could not find them. We laughed and quietly threw them in the trash and no one else ever knew. Great memories of Thanksgiving. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. LOVE all of that journaling!!! Thanksgiving was never a big deal in my house growing up....mostly just my dad drinking and mom getting mad and me hiding somewhere just waiting for the food to get done......we do a huge meal now that I ahve kids of my own and we usually feed a couple of the neighbors who have no family or no place to go and we watch football and aprades and put up the tree for Christmas...thats my fave

  3. I love your journaling, and what lovely memories.

    Hugs Ali x


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