Thursday, June 2, 2011

Helping Our Scrapbooking Friends in Joplin

     Our scrapbooking friends in Joplin, MO not only lost their homes, friends, pets and family members but they also lost their scrapbooking supplies. Nikki Sivils has sent boxes of scrapbooking supplies to help give the children something to do in the shelters. Now she is spearheading a drive to help the scrapbookers replace their supplies. Her company would like us to delve into our supplies and send boxes of supplies to her company. They will sort the goodies and get them to our Joplin scrapbooking friends. Here's a chance to get our craft rooms back in control and also reach out a scrapbooking hand to our fellow crafters. Nikki wants the supplies to reach her by June 22.
After James graduation party Saturday, I hear a scrapbooking room calling my name!And to all of the Joplin victims my prayers continue to be with you!


  1. So sorry for scrapbookers....
    it is a chance to tidy up my scrapbooking place!:)
    try to send on Monday 6th june, so it is there by 22nd.

  2. thanks so r sharing this...what a wonderful idea...hope your week is fantastic!

    enjoy *~*


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