Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lasting Memories Challenge-Twos Company, Three's a Crowd

Welcome to another fun week at Lasting Memories! This week it is Two's Company and Three is a Crowd.  Use 2 or three of something. When I saw this challenge I instantly thought of when James was born.

My in-laws arrived at the hospital with Scott in tow a few minutes after James was born. When Scott entered the hospital room I was feeding James a bottle. (I couldn't breastfeed due to the medications I was on. I had a migraine that had lasted over 10 months. Yes, you read that right, 10 months! We didn't know I had Behcets at the time, but Behcets is well know for migraines that do not respond to pain killers. Now I know they need anti-inflammatories, instead of migraine meds.

Anyway, Scott walked across the room and grabbed the bottle out of my hands, said, "MINE" and popped it into his mouth. Thus sibling rivalry was born, LOL. Mind you Scott had been weaned from the bottle at 8 months due to his needing cleft palate surgery. Thankfully it was a one shot deal with the bottle, Scott just needed to assert his authority as the oldest.

So here are my two's-Two brothers, two parents, Two 3-D embellishments (flower and bottle), Two of the same label die-cut, Two Patterned papers

Three's- 3 Photos, Scott turned Three the day before.

Supplies: This layout is the result of cleaning my scrapbook room. So it's all stash. The only thing I know for sure is that it is Doodlebug Flock. The chevron was done with old ric-rack borders placed side by side.

Tip: Do you remember flocking? I found it when I was cleaning the other day.  I didn't have the right color of chipboard letters, so I covered an old set of purple chipboard with the red flock. Great way to use up old chipboard and an old embellishment. As a matter of fact everything on this layout was old stash!

I really had fun with this challenge.  Great memory and great way to use up old stash:)

Looking forward to seeing your creations!

Have a scrappy week!


  1. Gosh.. this is great! I love the colored zig zags at the bottoms of the photos!

  2. I love this LO. I love the Ric Rac that u used to make the design. I'll have to try that

  3. great story and way to use up that stash. really like the rick rack borders

  4. How COOL! Love the colors and Thanks for the tip and reminder about the flock!

  5. lol.. What a great little story.. So funny! Reminds me of something Hunter would do.. lol..
    I love that you used your stash and the flocking to change the title, very cool!!
    Thanks for sharing.. Toni.. xoxo

  6. 10 months!!! wow... i have a hard time when it last more than three days! love your lo - great story


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